The Outdoors and Environment

The Outdoors and Environment

Neil Hansen believes a moral imperative exists to implement policies that result in substantial reductions of carbon emissions. He supports a return to national and local energy self-sufficiency through the use of alternate energy sources to complement our present resources. Research shows air pollution kills, causes birth defects, heart disease, strokes, cancer, lung problems, immune-suppression, and other adverse health effects. There is no safe threshold of exposure and smog significantly degrades the natural beauty of our mountains and valleys.

Neil supports research efforts that will reduce and/or remove the long-term harmful effects of present energy technologies. Future energy generating capability must be developed which avoids pollution and environmental contamination and implements the best available technology.

Neil knows that farming, fishing, tourism, and other industries require a healthy environment. Clean air, safe soil and water ensure the protection of public health and help make Ogden a more attractive place to live and work. Coupled with government-supported incentives and job training programs, new technologies that reduce carbon emissions and ensure clean air and water can create new high-paying jobs.

In the twelve years of previous legislative service, Neil Hansen served on the Environment Appropriations Committee.

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