Agriculture and Natural Resources

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Neil Hansen supports family and local farmers and recognizes the importance of monitoring agribusiness, encouraging organic farming methods, and promoting conservation. He encourages enterprises and cooperatives that will help our family farmers gain a greater share of the food dollar in our markets and help reduce air pollution and pesticide use.

Neil recognizes the value of green space in a healthy living environment: Community parks that include shade trees, recreation areas, picnic areas, bike trails, and walking paths are attractive and desirable. Parks and other public green areas should be maintained using practices to reduce the public’s exposure to pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

To conserve and reduce water usage, Neil encourages the responsible use of xeriscape landscaping and parking strip areas planted with low growing, drought tolerant flowers and plants or filled in with well-maintained, weed-free decorative rock.

Neil believes we should maintain a healthy and sustainable ecosystem supporting a balanced wildlife population with adequate winter and summer range. He supports the protection of wilderness along with the right of access to use it responsibly for hunting, fishing, hiking, and other recreational activities and uses that do not endanger critical wildlife habitat or natural resources. He also supports the protection and preservation of watershed, streams, rivers, wilderness, wildlife, and canyons to preserve for ourselves and future generations scenic beauty and ecological importance. Overall, when we take care of the Earth, the Earth will take care of us.

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